Tutorial Videos

Click on each image below to watch the video.
1 - Introduction & Logging In: (2:19) Without being logged in, there is nothing visible to anonymous viewers. The only way to see the content on the hosted website is to log in.
2 - Touring the Quality Manual: (2:04) This video provides a short tour of the online quality manual with a brief description of some of its advantages.
3 - Navigating the menus: (3:29) See what each menu link provides along with some insights into how they are used.
4 - Adding Content: (2:17) Content types can be added by both Staff and Managers, but Managers can add all of them while Staff is limited to certain types. This video shows what is different between the two permissions.
5 - Adding a Training Record: (3:50) Creates a new training record and demonstrates where the new record appears.
6 - Adding a Document: (3:33) A document is added to the quality system and authorizations for testing to that document are included.
7 - Creating a Document Group: (2:47) Creating a document group is a convenient way to group together documents. The reasons for doing this could be to document your Scope of Accreditation, include referenced standards, group documents by technology, or any other reasons.
8 - Adding an Asset: (4:53) An asset is a test or measurement item of equipment. Learn how to add an asset to the database, including calibration data, operating manuals and other pertinent information required by ISO/IEC 17025.