Quality System Hosting Service

To begin the process of migrating from a paper, or electronic document, based ISO/IEC 17025 Quality System, contact us to set up your Hosted Quality System. HostingIt is usually available for use within a few hours of contacting us but may take up to 24 hours. You will receive a url for your new quality site, along with a username & password. You will be granted privileges for editing pages and uploading documents and can begin migrating to a cloud-based solution.

After agreement to Legal Notices and payment terms are established, the hosted site dedicated for your laboratory will be set up and made available to you.

Recommended Migration Plan

  • Users: Each employee should receive a username & password. There is a limit of 50 active employees that can access your Hosted Quality System. Provide OpenTestLab with the first and last names of each employee, their email address, and whether the individual will be a manager of the quality system (Managers have full control for editing and uploads, Staff have all view privileges with limited edit privileges).
  • Training Records: Upload each individual training record and reference the users that attended, and enter the training date.
  • Audit: The last audit from your accreditation body should be entered and any corrective actions that resulted from it.
  • Documents: Create an entry for each document used by the laboratory, and if copyright allows, upload the document. EquipmentIndividual staff competency can be assigned to each document and whether they have signatory approval privileges for that document.

Alternatively, OpenTestLab offers additional services for migrating existing documents to the Hosted Quality System.

Upload of Equipment Database

With a one year subscription paid in advance, OpenTestlab will import and upload a copy of your equipment database from a MS Excel spreadsheet or csv file directly into your hosted quality site, simply provide an appropriate file containing the equipment database. If the file contains the appropriate columns for an equipment database, OpenTestLab will import it into your hosted Quality System.