Traditional quality management systems have been paper based documents. Commerce today, requires a more robust approach. The filing cabinets, folders, and stapled paper simply must be moved to the cloud. Cloud ComputingThe OpenTestLab ISO/IEC 17025 Hosted Quality System can be used on any device that supports a web browser. This service provides the tools to create and maintain an online ISO/IEC 17025 Quality System allowing point and click access to everything!

Once you move your quality system to the cloud, it is accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Including employees that may be performing testing or calibrations out in the field. Whether your employees need access via their laptop while testing in the Rockies, their tablet PC while on a customer site in Texas, or their smart phone while waiting at the airport in Boston, OpenTestLab can deliver!

Benefit OpenTestLab Traditional
Easy Access Yes No
Point-and-Click Navigation Yes No
Database Backups Yes No
File Backups Yes Maybe
Auditor Accessible Yes No
System Upgrades & Maintenance Yes No
Feature Updates Yes No

Maintaining a quality system based on calibration records stored in file cabinets, directories filled with Microsoft Word docs, and many other folders (both paper and electronic) has been an evolution in most labs. With an online ISO/IEC 17025 Quality System, the laboratory continues, whenever necessary, to add records and update procedures, etc. The OpenTestLab Quality System does the work of organizing everything, including the relationships between the various components. The end result of moving all of these manuals, procedures, policies, and records to the cloud is that everything is backed up and supported by OpenTestLab.