OpenTestLab is a company dedicated to putting ISO/IEC 17025 Quality Systems online. We have not only simplified the process of implementing and maintaining a quality system, we have made it easily available to those that need it. Our service allows our customers to focus on their core laboratory business. See how easy it is to use by watching our tutorial videos. Put your quality system on the cloud and impress your best customers with your commitment to providing a high quality service to them. Contact us today and we can set up your Hosted ISO/IEC 17025 Quality System.

Visit the Hosted 17025 Demo to tour a Quality Site. All the features seen there, including the complete Quality Manual with all the links to the Policies and Procedures, is made available to each subscriber. Every page is customizable so that the information they contain will be suitable for each individual laboratory.


Michael Cantwell



Mr. Cantwell’s technical background is electrical engineering and he has spent much of his career working in and around electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratories. He has been involved with accredited labs since the late1980's and has implemented, improved, and maintained many quality systems. As President of OpenTestLab, he created the Quality System Hosting Service, and authored the ISO/IEC 17025 Demo.

Since 1982, he has built and managed several EMC laboratories and while working at Digital Equipment Corporation’s EMC facilities in Salem, NH, was involved in implementing the quality system there to Guide 25 (the predecessor to ISO/IEC 17025). This implementation was one of the very first NVLAP accredited sites in the United States. Since those early years, he has written, modified, and implemented quality systems for multiple laboratories.